1. पूर्व
The company did not give any advance notice of its closure.
1. फैलाव
The health department is desperate to halt the advance of brain fever.
2. विकास\{दीर्घकालीन\advanceग
The continued advance of some great civilizations always attract historians.
3. प्रगति
It is controversial whether the recent advances in technology are beneficial or detrimental to humanity.
4. अग्रिमराशि
The company agreed to pay a festival advance of Rs.1000 to all its employees.
The caterers asked for an advance of Rs.10,000 for the contract of the reception party.
5. बढ़त
The auctioneer was disappointed to find no advance on the opening bid.
6. दोस्ती/प्यार\advanceजताने\advanceकी\advanceकोशिश
How could Surpanakha not feel dejected after all her amorous advances were
rejected by Lakshmana?
7. पहले\advanceही
We booked our tickets for the magic show in advance.
8. अग्रगामी
Plato's ideas were well in advance of his times.
1. आगे\advanceबढ़ना[बढाना]
The army was ordered to advance.
She advanced towards him,waving her tickets.
The protestors advanced their leader to talk with the minister.
The man advanced towards her menacingly.
2. प्रगति\advanceकरना
The company's shares advanced after the new director joined.
3. अग्रिम\advanceराशि\advanceदेना
The government gave an advance to the farmers to help them buy good seeds.
4. विचार\advanceया\advanceसुझाव\advanceदेना
The corporation has advanced a new policy for regularising illegal
5. निश्चित\advanceसमय\advanceसे\advanceपूर्व\advanceकरना
The time of the meeting was advanced in view of the night curfew in the city.

English-Hindi dictionary. 2013.


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